Musical Theatre for Children

Musical theatre for children is initiative that we’ve been developing ever since the founding of music school Sound Circle. The essence of the idea is to unite vocal classes and rhythmics into one class. Using various fun games we want to teach children how to perform musical interpretation and stage behavior. At Sound Circle we believe that group classes, especially those related to art and creativity, are extremely important to children. Our „Musical Theatre for Children“ course through theatrical and musical techniques develops sensitivity, fantasy, courage, social skills and personal sensitivity in children and teenagers.

Concept and goals

  • Development of musical and rhythmic skills and building a capability for perception of space:
    • How do we listen to sounds and music, how do we perceive them, what images and feelings they inspire;
    • How to discover rhythmic structures and produce such;
    • How to create visions via voice, body and objects;
    • How to be in harmony with the space and sound that surround us;
  • Development of one’s voice and vocal interpretation:
    • How to use our entire body to produce sound;
    • How to entangle our mind and emotion with the voice and the song;
  • Development of interpersonal and group social skills:
    • Provoke analytical thinking, learn how to set goals and follow them;
    • Learn how to be tolerant and supportive;
    • Develop the skill for being part of a group and work as a team;
    • Learn how to be responsible;

Classes structure

  • Physical training, which includes physical warm-up, vocal articulation and breathing exercises;
  • Movement and space awareness training, which develops the sense for rhythm, how do you think and move around a stage;
  • Sensitivity training, which develops creativity, sensitivity and emotion via suggestive methods stimulating abstract thinking and fantasy;
  • Creativity. This part of the lessons develops children’s talents and skills via analysis and interpretation of their favorite songs and tunes;

Creating a group

Groups for musical theatre for children are built after a casting and are based on children’s age and interpersonal skills. The following groups are formed:

  • Children of age up to 8 years old;
  • Children of age between 9 to 11 years old;
  • Children of age between 12 to 14 years old;
  • Children and teenagers above 15 years old;

Assignment to a group is not final. It is possible some children to shift from one group to another based on the teacher’s assessment and the need for a specific skill-set in the other groups.

Size of groups

Броят на децата в една група от инициативата ни “Музикален театър за деца” няма да надвишава 6. Първоначално бяха замислени да са около 10-12 цеца в група, но предвид ситуацията с Covid 19 и мерките за безопасност свързани с нея решихме да намалим наполовина броя на децата в една група.

Meet our teacher

Гьорги Георгиев – Áнтика


Гьорги Георгиев – Áнтика

Гьорги Георгиев се занимава с музика и театър, сценична реч и пеене. Театралното му образование, работилниците и ателиетата, в които е участвал култивират в него умения и техники, които работят в синергия.