Gyorgi Georgiev Antiqua

Gyorgi Georgiev – Antiqua was born in Northern Macedonia. He was introduced to theatre and music since his early age. Gyorgi has been attending theatrical studio in his home town and later he graduated NATFА, obtaining master degree in Performing Acts Directing in the class of Prof. Plamen Markov. While still in the theatrical academy, under the influence of Prof. Rumen Tsonev and Asen Avramov he started working on acapella multi-voice singing and rhythmic. Antiqua is a member of several singing formations with which he has performed both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Gyorgi has developed the techniques and skills hes teaching as part of his collaboration with the composer and vocal teacher Danko Yordanov and Stere Meyer, the latter being a specialst in teaching vocal techniques and singing at the Guildford School of Acting and Surrey University. Gyorgi has participated in the Ensemble and the Choir of „Musical Laboratory for the person“ of Maestro Yordan Kamdjalov, the musicals „Avenue Q“ of Sofia Puppet Theatre and „Shrek“ of Sofia Opera and Ballet. He’s also a teacher at association for arts and youth initiatives „The Studios“.

In his teaching he combines and mixes theatrical techniques and exercises in stage speech while he’s teaching singing, in the same time he uses musical elements in his drama lessons. He envisions and uses  „the voice“ as being the combined instrument for both singing and speaking, which „voice“ is a product of the whole human body. This voice must convey emotion and sense together with pleasure.