Individual rehearsals

Sometimes it’s practically impossible to practice at home, especially when it comes to playing drums, violin or a brass instrument. Neighbors are always displeased while you’re unable to find the right place for uninterrupted and focused rehearsal. On top of that, you can’t practice over the weekends as well, because you have to obey the quiet hours.

You’ve already tried practicing in the park or other public places, however you don’t feel comfortable practicing in front of strangers. You’re not confident enough in your skills yet or feel shy to perform publicly. And sometimes the weather doesn’t seem to be on you side, so practicing is impossible.

There’s no alternative. You miss a cozy and pleasant place for individual practice so the once-intended to be fun hobby becomes unbearable struggle.

Услуга самоподготовка и индивидуални упражнения

Music school Sound Circle has the right solution to this problem! We offers the possibility for you to practice on the school’s premise. Not only can you rent a room, but you can also use the available equipment the school offers. You don’t need to bring your own instruments for a rehearsal, especially if they’re bulky ones. We have available for individual rehearsal and practice a drum set, pianos, electronic and acoustic guitars, bass guitars. Other instruments may be available with advanced request and we will provide them for you.

All the rest of the facilities are available so that our clients can be focused and give the best they can during their preparation and individual rehearsal.

Anyone can visit us and book a practice hour at the attractive price of 10 BGN per hour. Our students who attend classes in the school can benefit a discount and book a room for practice at the price of 8 BGN per hour.

In addition, in conjunction with our partners from Pacific Studio, we can offer band practice and rehearsal at the studio’s premise.