Drum circles

What is a drum circle?

Drum circles are unique possibility to experience music in a new and very intuitive way. Immersing yourselves in the rhythm flow is a tremendous stress-reliever in a unique fun way. A drum circle is group of people who improvise on percussion instruments and various drums creating mutually complimenting rhythms that become a complete melody. The group creates a circle as all participants are equal, there’s no competition and there are never wrong notes as long as you have fun. In this musical form it is unimportant what your skill level is or whether you’re in tune. The only thing that is obligatory is to have fun and have good time. You really need to give in yourselves to the rhythm and follow your instincts and the rest will naturally flow.

Does it suit me?

You can join a drum circle today no matter the age. No musical background is required to join a drum circle. We guarantee a unique experience that will shake you. Our drum circles are led by some of the best percussionists. Their task is to introduce you and immerse you in the exciting world of drums and beats.

What is the purpose?

Apart from the possibility to have great fun, you’ll have the possibility to meet with other music enthusiasts. You will develop your sense of rhythm and your ability to work in a team. The feelings and emotions that you experience during the drum circles are always positive and relaxing, creating a sense of unity. For that reason drum circles are frequently used for groups that want to increase their focus and concentration. Drum circles are also a recommended stress therapy and therapy for hyperactivity. Apart from their therapy benefits, drum circles are incredibly fun way to organize birthdays, team buildings or other events which requires groups of people to join and socialize.

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