Instruments and equipment

All Sound Circle class rooms are fitted with equipment and musical instruments which are suited for both individual or group lessons. For our clients convenience we’ve provided Wi-Fi internet access, as well as desktop computers which can be used during the lessons for demonstrations and discussions.

We know it is exhausting to take everywhere with you an instrument like acoustic, electric or bass guitar. This is why we’ve provided instruments in the school for your convenience which you can use during your lessons free of charge.

Sometimes practicing at home may be a bit inconvenient, especially when you’re an avid drummer. We have the perfect solution – for all our Sound Circle clients, we can provide the rehearsal room of Pacific Studio at a reduced price for individual and group practicing sessions.

Sometimes our clients have not yet decided whether they like the instrument they’ve chosen and are afraid to invest in an instrument. Our solution for those who have not made their mind yet is the possibility to rent an instrument from Sound Circle. You can rent the instrument as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable and convinced that you’re ready to invest in your own instrument.

You can take a look on some of our instruments and equipment available for our students in the gallery below.