Todor Dobrev

Todor Dobrev has discovered his passion for DJ-ing and music at the age of 14 when he managed to ruin the complete vinyl record collection of his parents. This passion has grown through the years and has materialized in him becoming a skillful DJ. Currently Todor has more than 16 years experience with various kinds of music, beat making and scratching. In 2009 he was admitted in NBU to study sound design. He has participated twice in DMC, one of the most prestigious DJ competitions. After graduating in sound design he has become one of the most sought-after sound designers for setup of various concert stages, but most notably funk, soul and hip-hop. He has created beats for multiple hip-hop artist using predominantly software like Ableton Live, CuBase, Logic and others. He is also working as sound engineer for various TV shows, cinema productions and theatrical performances.