Mira Kalanova

Mira Kalanova is one of most-prominent theatrical set designers in Bulgaria. She has graduated at National School of Fine Arts “Iliya Petrov” in Sofia, and after completing high school, Mira graduates in National Academy of Arts, profile “Set design”.  She’s been working predominantly in both theatrical and cinema productions with some of the most prominent Bulgarian directors.

She has designed the stage sets of more than 50 theatrical plays, some of which are the remarkable “Richard III”, “Shakespeare in Love” of the Varna Drama Theatre, “The father” and “The son” of Bulgarian National Theatre; “Debelyanov and the angels” and “Oddyseus” of Plovdiv Drama Theatre. She has been the set designer of the distinguished movies “Losers”(director Ivaylo Hristov) and “Sister”(director Svetla Tsotsorkova).

In 2011 she obtained her Ph.D. in cinematic art at NATFA “Kr. Sarafov”, where she teaches theatrical and cinema production design. Since 2015 she has become associate professor and for the last 3 years she’s managing the Stage and Production design specialty. She is 3 times winner of the “Askeer” prize for production design.