Konstantin Dobrev

Konstantin Dobrev started playing violoncello at the age of 6. He has graduated his high school at National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov” Varna specializing with the same instrument. During his high school studies he also attends intensive jazz lessons in jazz improvisation and analysis in the class of Alexander Petkov, a prominent jazz guitar player and teacher.

Konstantin has started playing bass guitar in numerous Bulgarian groups like Puzzle, O-zone, Photobox, Frontpoint, Orange and later LIEVEIL. He participated with the latter band in one of the biggest rock festivals in Europe – “Wacken Open Air 2016”. In the same time he began playing the double bass because of its similarity with the violoncello.

Konstantin has graduated in the jazz department of Amsterdam conservatory in 2007 with profile “Bass guitar”. He has perfected his theory knowledge and composition skills in classic, jazz, experimental and electronic music. He’s been actively involved in arrangement of various ensembles. Konstantin has always been interested in new trends in music and is eager to share his experience and skills with other musicians who thrive to improve.