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Музикална школа "Sound Circle" - къде да ни откриете.

Sound Circle is located in easily accessible location. Our school is in “Hladilnika” area, 47 Cherni Vrah Boulevard, Business Center “Vitosha”. If you’re getting around with a car, you can park your vehicle either in the Green Area zones around the school, or use the paid private parking adjacent to the building.


Музикална Школа "Sound Circle" - Нашата база

Sound Circle is occupying the fourth floor of Business Center “Vitosha” and has a spacious waiting room, three rooms for individual lessons and a large room which can be used for either group or individual classes. All rooms are very bright and cozy where the enormous panorama windows provide unique view to mount Vitosha. This combination brings awesome mood during your classes.


Музикална Школа Sound Circle - нашето оборудване

We at Sound Circle are aware that you can’t take your instrument with you everywhwere. That’s why our  facilities are equipped with instruments fully suited for carrying out individual or group music lessons. For your convenience, you can use Wi-Fi internet connection and we have also desktop PCs in each room.

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Александър Каланов - Преподавател по Бас Китара

Bass guitar

Alexander Kalanov

Founder of Music and Arts School "Sound Circle" and co-owner of audio recording studio "Pacific Studio", Alexander has more than 20 years as a bass player and bass guitar teacher.

Gyorgi Georgiev Antiqua


Gyorgi Georgiev Antiqua

Gyorgi Georgiev teaches music, theatre, stage speech and singing. His theatrical education, the multitude of workshops and perfomances he has participated in, have developed his skills and techniques which he uses in complete synergy.

Любомира Павлова "Лира"

Народно пеене


Have you heard about Drum Circles? We’ll explain and show it to you!

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