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    FAQ is not a super secret government agency. It is our section for Frequently Asked Questions. Have you checked whether we already have answered the question you’re about to ask?

    The fastest way is to call us at +359 887 615 954 and we’ll be happy to discuss with you the classes and preferred schedule which you’re interested in.

    In case you’re anxious talking to people, there’s no problem as you can use our online subscription form as well.

    Should you prefer writing us an e-mail to share some thoughts or recommend something to us, please use the form on the left, and we’ll be happy to come back to you.

    Sound Circle offers lessons for either complete beginners, intermediate or advanced musicians and singers. In addition we can support you if you want to perfect some of your abilities. Our teachers will be happy to assist and guide you to the level of skill you desire.

    It has been long-time proven that music has beneficial effects on all ages, this is why we don’t apply age restrictions at all. You should consider though, that children usually become more focused and consistent in what they do at the age between 4 and 5 years, hence the recommended minimal age to start musical instrument lessons.

    Of course! This is totally dependent on you. We would be very happy if you decide to grow more than one musical talent, where our teachers will gladly guide you in this journey.