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Founders of School for music and arts „Sound Circle“ are Alexander Kalanov and Adrian Angelov. The idea for creation of the school is born during their discussions on topics related to alternative teaching methods, arts and music, and new ways to introduce arts to broader audience. Naturally the idea grew and expanded, giving birth to Sound Circle which becomes the body of their views and aspirations.

Александър Каланов-съсобственик на SoundCircle

For more than 10 years Alexander has been co-founder and manager of professional sound recording studio „Pacific Studio“ . In his everyday meetings with professional and non-professional musicians, Alexander realizes that there’s avid need for a forum where both professionals and amateurs alike can exchange experience and ideas.

Adrian is a manager in a large, multi-national IT company. As a passionate music lover and father of two, he knows how beneficial the influence of music is on people, especially in regards to the proper children development of basic skills like singing, communicating and capability to express emotions and exchange of ideas.

Адриан Ангелов - Съосновател на академия Sound Circle

The process from the birth of the idea for music and arts school, transcending into reality takes several years. Alexander and Adrian hope they’ve managed to lay solid foundation of a good and beneficial forum where teachers and students alike feel comfortable and can mutually grow and develop their skills.

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The mentors at Music and Arts School Sound Circle are active classical, pop or rock composers and musicians. All of them are united under the credo of the school that music is vital for the emotional and spiritual development of the society. They believe that arts are especially essential for the emotional growth of children. All teachers at Sound Circle are experienced in teaching and mentoring. They have their own teaching methods and have individually tailored approach towards the students.

Our mentors will deliver their best in order to make you feel at home while they provide the best and most effective musical training and knowledge in the class you’ve chosen.

Гьорги Георгиев – Áнтика


Гьорги Георгиев – Áнтика

Гьорги Георгиев се занимава с музика и театър, сценична реч и пеене. Театралното му образование, работилниците и ателиетата, в които е участвал култивират в него умения и техники, които работят в синергия.

Симеон Минчев


Симеон Минчев

Mузиката на първо място е забавна и развлекателна. Това подтиква любопитството и желанието да искаме да я изпълняваме и разбираме. Всеки може да се научи.